• Best practice advice

    that guides you step-by-step through watershed problem analysis, and decision-making.

  • Resources & Handouts

    to support decisions as you confirm and prioritize a practical water improvement strategy.

  • Create a Watershed Plan

    ...and implement a strategy to realize measurable water quality improvements in your community.

Build your Watershed strategy

FREE to all participating authorities

This course is designed for water quality professionals and proceeds through a series of steps needed to develop a strategy to maintain and improve surface water quality. The course assignments help you think through and decide how to improve water quality and document the decision-making process. The course builds upon concepts from the Environmental Protection Agency's Handbook for Developing Water Plans to Protect and Restore Our Waters.
Water Quality Hub

Meet our Presenters

Our presenters provide specialist insight into the different course modules.

Research Director Mark Deutschman

Mark has 30 years experience for public and private sector clients, developing and applying innovative solutions to water and ecology problems. He has a PhD. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on water quality and water quality modeling. His passion is ecology, and he holds a Master’s degree in Zoology from North Dakota State University.

GIS Project Manager Grit May

Grit has an MSc in Environmental Sciences and Analytical Chemistry from Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Grit co-ordinates GIS-related workshops and training sessions, and develops outreach material in STEM education. She was the GIS lead in the Red River Basin Mapping Initiative, generating Digital Elevation Models and 2-foot contour lines.

GIS Analyst/ Watershed Planner Dave Kirkpatrick

Dave has been working in the GIS community for over 20 years and holds a B.Sc. in Natural Resource Management from North Dakota State University. As research specialist at NDSU in the department of Ag and Bio-Systems Engineering, he merged science with technology to model our environment. He's a keen fisherman!

Join us maintain and improve the water quality of lakes, reservoirs, streams and rivers in North Dakota.

This course for water quality professionals will provide all the resources you need to develop a strategic, implementable plan.

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